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Cambridge Sprint Enduro Minnesota 300 Adventure Ride Mora Enduro TT Trollhaugen Hare Scrambles

Cambridge Sprint Enduro

We are excited to offer the first Sprint Enduro in District 23! Simply put, Sprint Enduro is individual off-road motorcycle racing, against the clock. May 7, 2017!


Picture grass track combined with some great trails, and you holding it wide open for 6-10 minutes trying to do a lap as quick as possible. This is an Enduro, so you're racing against the clock, not head-to-head against other riders.

Minnesota 300 Adventure Ride

The Minnesota 300 is a two day adventure ride through the Walker/Leech Lake area in northern Minnesota September 30 & October 1, 2017. The route consists of two loops, each approximately 150 miles each. The loops begin and end at the Norther Lights Casino and utilize many forest roads, snowmobile and ATV trails in the area.

On-line REGISTRATION CLOSES 9/16/2017 or when 100 riders have registered.

Mora Enduro

The Norsemen Motorcycle Club has been sponsoring the Mora Enduro in the Snake River State Forest for over 50 years! This Enduro is the only time you can ride the trails in this forest, don't miss it! June 18, 2017 for the Main Enduro and a Family Enduro June 17, 2017 paying Youth Cross Country Series points.

Cambridge TT

The Norsemen MC is proud to host 2 TT events at our property in Cambridge, MN. Mark your calendar June 17 and June 18, 2017. A TT is a similar type of race to Dirt Track, but differs from a regular flat track event by including a right turn and a jump. The goal is simple, be the first rider to the checked flag on the last lap!

Trollhaugen Hare Scrambles

This Hare Scrambles is held at the Trollhaugen Outdoor Recreation Area in Dresser, WI. The course includes a woods course and  moto track. Don't miss out on the fun July 16, 2017!

Trollhaugen Memorial Race Track in Dresser, WI will be rocked for this legendary, once a year spectacle! The infamous Area 51 will give riders thrills and chills as they try to conquer the hills at the Troll. Four races for riders of every age, size and ability.

Cambridge Hare Scrambles Minnesota 300 Adventure Ride Mora Enduro TT Flat Track Trollhaugen Hare Scrambles
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Over 55 years sponsoring quality events
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Barney Larson
With great sadness one our Norsemen family members (BARNEY LARSON) passed on Saturday Morning January 6, 2018.

Anybody who rides motorcycles in Minnesota recognizes the name of Barney Larson.

The Larson family starting with Barney and Karen, and his parents (Milt and Evie Larson) were founding members of the Norsemen Motorcycle Club in the early 1960’s.  Barney lived it, breathed it, worked it, and made his living through the world of Motorcycles.  Barney would come to every Norsemen Monthly meeting for over fifty years and was part of many decisions that have helped the Norsemen Motorcycle club be one of the best around.

As you can see from the picture from the mid 1960’s the Norsemen racers proudly wore the bright red Norsemen racing gear.  Barney loved riding motorcycles and was an excellent competitor in his day.

In 1974, Barney and Karen took over the ownership of Larson’s Cycle in Cambridge, Minnesota and they ran and owned what has become and continues to be a premier Motorcycle dealer in Minnesota.

Mike Larson with the Larson Cycle family continued to carry on the legacy of the Larson family. We are all blessed to have such fine people in our lives.

Besides living and breathing the motorcycle world through their occupation, Barney and Karen and family were at all the Norsemen events working with the Norsemen Family of members with sign up, check points, and most apparent with Barney – taking tickets and collecting the $. And the off roaders will always remember Barney handling the starts at the Norsemen Enduros with his rubber chicken assistant.

The list of Barneyisms is extensive and so interesting – but most importantly right now is that we at the Norsemen are very sadden and will miss him dearly.

God Speed Barney!

Join the Larson Family in the Celebration of the Life of Barney Larson
Thursday January 11, 2018
Visitation 11:30 a.m.
Service 1:00 p.m.
Cambridge Lutheran Church
621 Old Main Street N
Cambridge, MN 55008

Election of Officers

Congratulations to the following Officers for 2018:

President: Rex Greenwald

Vice President: Dan Banks

Secretary: Danielle Artmann

Treasurer: Doug Latvala

Public Relations: Maggi Weinhagen

Legal Liason: Jay Waalen

AMA Legislative Representative: Al Mathwig

D23 Representative: Mike Zappa

Banquets are set for the 2017 season

Get the information and a form to order tickets:

ARMCA Lifetime Achievement Award

Michael Reschke

When I first heard of this Lifetime Achievement Award that Mike Quinn and District 23 wanted to present to my dad for 45 continuous years of competition and contribution, I of course was very proud of his accomplishment. My dad's passion for riding and racing began in the 70's when I was just a young child. His dedication and drive for the sport earned him many awards and state championships over the years which continues to happen today.

The painting that was awarded to him at the banquet showcases his trip to the ISDE in Tulsa Oklahoma. He is very proud to have been part of Team USA and earned a bronze medal. I know that his healthy lifestyle and his lifetime commitment to fitness has played a large role in his success and longevity in this very physically demanding sport. Ever since I can remember, he has committed himself to the hard work of putting on events. His work ethic puts us all to shame. Even to this day, you will see him swinging a machete in the woods to build that perfect new trail. Old school all the way! How many 70 year old grandpa's can say that they get to ride and race with their grandchildren? This guy does! Myself, growing up in my dad's shadow taught me that determination, mental toughness and fitness builds you as a rider; that never stop, never give up attitude. He has always been my role model and I have loved every minute of chasing him on the track or trail. This Lifetime Achievement is all yours. You deserve it Dad!

Where D23 ARMCA Began

Dale Greenwald started AMA District 23

Dale & Louisa Greenwald

My husband and I, both from Mora, MN, married right out of high school in the late 50's, and my husband was a motorcycle nut. So, there was no doubt that it would be a big part of our life. He was the original Fonzie, wore his hair slicked back with a duck tail, and rode a Harley. Along with that he had a passion to compete and be a part of a bigger organization. In the early days, he would ride to the event, take off the lights and put on a number plate, ride the event, put everything back on and ride home. Life and kids changed us a bit and we started driving to the events with the bike in the back of a van, so the children and I could come along, as the children got older I started working at the events, most of the wifes helped if we could.

During the 60's, clubs from Brainerd, Mankato, Rochester and others around the State were putting on the Hill climbs, TT's, Flat Tracks, Scrambles, and Enduros. My first Enduro that I worked, I was pregnant with Rex, he didn't have a chance of not being involved in motorcycles. It was not until the early 70's that Motocross moved into Minnesota. We attended as many events as we could.

We joined and continue to be members of the Norsemen Motorcycle Club which was founded in 1961. In the 60's our club sanctioned and put on all the different AMA events we could. In the early 70's, after the club bought a 40-acre piece of land right north of Highway 95 on Highway 47 west of Cambridge. We built what we still feel is the best TT track in Minnesota and then in 1972 built our motocross track. We sanctioned and worked many motocross events along with all the other events we did. So many great people were involved and all the members put in many hours at the motocross events, but we still had a fun time.

But Dale and a few others wanted to figure out how the AMA worked, so in the fall of 1969, Dale, then 30 years old, became the first Minnesota AMA Congressman, jumped into his new Chevrolet El Camino along with his good buddy Ron Schmidt (20 years old at the time) and made the 800 plus mile trip to Columbus, Ohio to the AMA for the Congress meeting. During the meetings, Dale began to understand that the AMA was growing and, more importantly, that each geographic location had different issues. Out east where the population is denser, there were many motorcycle enthusiasts, the AMA had already started building local AMA Districts as the sport of motorcycling was growing in the USA. During this natural progression, it was time for the AMA to build out with District leadership and organization. Dale knew it was time for Minnesota to get in the game and put together plans for an AMA District in Minnesota.

As usual, it was over a beer at the bar at the hotel after the meetings when Dale and Ron struck up a conversation with a man named Harley Phillips from Pennsylvania. Harley was one of the leaders of their District in Pennsylvania and Dale asked if he would send him a copy of their By-laws and organizational information. That is how bikers work, we work together with a common bond to help each other along with having some fun.

Weeks later the information arrived, with a few people right in our kitchen in our little house in Robbinsdale, MN, Dale and Dick Bielke, his wife and myself, wrote up the By-Laws, started the first set of District 23 membership cards, and the District was born. District 23 is part of the larger community of the AMA with the same basic goals besides helping and giving us rules and the ability to participate in sanctioned events, it makes us all part of a community of motorcycle enthusiasts who are passionate about our sport, and work to support and promote it. The conversation around our kitchen table was all about fair play, helping each other, being organized and having fun.

Over time and during all this along with raising our family, building a machine shop business, Dale has been involved in many organizations in our community. But, he has alway maintained his love of motorcycling. He continued to make at least 30 more trips to the AMA congress with other fine prople from Minnesota and is very proud of District 23 and its leadership and direction. Dale was at the December 2016 District 23 sanction meeting and the representative from the AMA recognized District 23 (ARMCA) as one of the finest Districts in the AMA.


AMA offers a Card to save you time and effort

For some time now, the AMA has offered to both minors and adult racers the Annual Release Verification Card. This allows the adult racer to skip the multi forms at sign up. It allows all minor racers the opportunity to skip the two sided Minor Release which requires the presence of BOTH parents at sign-up as well.

The card is free, and is issued when the Competition Membership card has either been purchased or renewed for the entire racing year. The form requires notarization of some signatures. Most banks offer notary services for free or a nominal fee.

**Be sure to print the form in color, some of the wording is printed in RED and the AMA requires that and will not accept black & white. If you cannot print in color, please call AMA Organizer Services at 614-856-1900 and request an original color form be set to you via U.S. mail.

Google Calendar

Check out the Google calendar for all the D23 Off-Road events. You can save it to your calendar, get directions to events and trail boss contact information all in one place.

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