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D23 Non-Points Events

Dual-sport motorcycles are street-legal, licensed machines that are capable of off-road use as well. These non-competitive rides follow a predetermined course that includes public roads as well as fire roads and some off-road sections, typically in the woods. These events, also known as adventure rides, may utilize roll charts and/or GPS devices to help riders keep to the designated course and avoid getting lost.

A trail ride is a non-competition off-road event where riders follow established trails through the woods and other mostly-natural terrain. The course usually consists of varying levels of difficulty and many loops or decision points. During a trail ride event, the course is open for a predetermined number of days and times, during which riders are free to ride the trails as they please. Generally, trail rides are open to riders of all ages.

Lucky Bastard Dual Sport Mora Enduro Trollhaugen Hare Scrambles

Lucky Bastard Dual Sport

Dual Sport is a type of motorcycle riding which is a mix of private & forest service roadsand off road trails connected with the use of roads. Dual Sports are suitable for those who desire to develop skills without the pressure to keep-up with the pack. Trails range from two track, gravel, minimal pavement, and single track sections.

Event Date: October 6, 2024

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Mora Enduro

The Norsemen Motorcycle Club has been sponsoring the Mora Enduro in the Snake River State Forest for over 65 years! This Enduro is the only time you can ride the trails in this forest, don't miss it! July 21, 2024 for the Main Enduro and a Youth Enduro July 20, 2024 paying Youth Cross Country Series points.

Trollhaugen Hare Scrambles

This Hare Scrambles is held at the Trollhaugen Outdoor Recreation Area in Dresser, WI. The course includes a woods course and  moto track. Don't miss out on the fun June 30, 2024!

Trollhaugen Memorial Race Track in Dresser, WI will be rocked for this legendary, once a year spectacle! The infamous Area 51 will give riders thrills and chills as they try to conquer the hills at the Troll. Four races for riders of every age, size and ability.

Cambridge Hare Scrambles Minnesota 300 Adventure Ride Mora Enduro TT Flat Track Trollhaugen Hare Scrambles
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Original Norsemen Member Floyd Martineau lost his battle with Prostate and Bone Cancer 12/17/2020

Floyd Martineau Recreational Trail Head

Floyd was a true Norsemen who did so very much for our club and he will be sorely missed. There will be a ceremony celebrating Floyd at the Stompin' Grounds August 15, 2021 after the Akeley Enduro so come join the celebration to remember Floyd while waiting for scores to be posted roughly 2:00 p.m. A commemorative plaque about Floyd will be unvailed at the Stompin' Grounds and will later be permanately installed on the trailhead sign shown above for everyone to view.

The following is a post by his niece Tammy:

"My uncle passed away today, he was 76. Floyd Martineau (aka Marty) was the baby of 7 children. After graduating from South high school (in Minneapolis) he went into the Navy. When I was in high school he taught me how to use a 35mm camera, leading me to a lifelong hobby. He liked to race motorcycles and when he took a tumble and broke his leg I was right there with my fluorescent paints to decorate his cast with flowers. Motorcycle racing was his passion. He built a motorcycle trail called the Martineau Recreational Trail in the Paul Bunyan State Forest."

The following are memories of Floyd and all the work he did to make the trailhead a reality:

In 1975 the Norsemen Motorcycle Club was approached by a local forester and off-road enthusiast to possibly put on a Off Highway Motorcycle (OHM) event in the Paul Bunyan Forest. With no trails, but with fire roads, snowmobile trails, the endeavor begun. With the help from the local community and the Minnesota DNR single track trails were built over the years. Motorcycle Enduros have been sanctioned with the Minnesota American Motorcycle Association District 23 ARMCA annually since. By 1997, the Norseman ran a national event with folks from all over the country participating.

The vibrant Norsemen Motorcycle Club worked with many volunteers to build and maintain this organized trail system.

Floyd Martineau became a mainstay and put in countless hours of effort and time in this forest for the sake of all of us motorcycle enthusiast to enjoy.

Off highway recreation grew, and sometime in the mid 1990's District 23 ARMCA along with the State of Minnesota DNR worked together to start the off-highway sticker program. The primary purpose was to solidify the relationship with all involved and have the where-with-all to help build and maintain safe, marked out legal riding areas. By 1996 the sticker program was implemented, and the money has been set aside since to build trail systems in Minnesota. On July 28, 1997 the first OHM recreational trailhead was dedicated.

Floyd Martineau was the glue that held this trail system together, and was a selfless volunteer dedicated to the sport of motorcycling. It was a given and honor to name this trail system after him, and well deserved!

The Paul Bunyan Forest Riders maintains the trail system now. Be involved, help where you can, and perhaps one of our growing number of new trail systems will be honored with your name!

Go with the Flo . . .

Floyd Martineau
Floyd Martineau
Floyd Martineau
Floyd Martineau
Floyd Martineau
Floyd Martineau
Floyd Martineau
Floyd Martineau
Floyd Martineau
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